Dusk on the Docks


The New Pledge


Die for America?

I won’t die for these characters

People untrue to themselves

They’re really caricatures

Kidnap my ancestors on ships

Then say they carried us

Nah, you ain’t the man, Peter Pan

Watch us fly without your fairy dust

The only reason this place is what it is

Is because of us

Tell Baltimore to calm down

No thank you, We’ve had enough

Pushed to the breaking point

Then we start breaking stuff

And somehow they’re mad at us

So if I stood in a crowd full of black faces

You know, the kinds that aren’t painted

I’d stand at attention in the room

Raise my right hand and salute

And say that I pledge allegiance to all of you…

photo was taken with Canon EOS Rebel T3i using 18-55mm lens by photographer T. Todd

That’s Perfectly Fine


We’re all flowers

Similarities are endless

But we all have our own attributes as well

Our own fragrance

Our own style

Our own foundation

As well as our own influences

And thats perfectly fine

photo was shot by T. Todd with a Canon T3i using 18-55mm lens.

To Bee or Not To Bee

Just out on a sunny day and happened to catch this little fella hard at work.


Photo was taken with Cannon T3I with 18-55mm lens

Photographer: T. Todd (Myself)

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