How We Were

Burning candles
Chilled wine
Precipitation falling from the skies
I’m reminiscing on the time

When we were young
Not much meant anything
Somehow things that were nothing
Now mean everything

Money. Work. Society.
Youth was a blessing
No worries like, who would lie to me
You were truly your own deity

How do we replenish those child-like spirits?
Where when life was amplified by problems we couldn’t even hear it
If a situation was troubling we wouldn’t go near it
How do we replenish those child-like spirits?


I imagine your touch
I impersonate your feel
Love and pain,
No denying what we have is real
I can’t be fine with you leaving
I miss your presence
Just can’t seem to fake your essence
In need of your love
Can’t live without your existence
I’d die without our commitment
Seems like we have everything but consistence
See but it’ll all be fine with a little persistence.