T.H.O.T Thursday: Marijuana


In this week’s T.H.O.T Thursday we’ll be thinking harder on the legalization of marijuana. So is it really that bad? Many people have at least tried it once and the common response is “I didn’t feel anything.” So it can’t be too bad, right? There have never been any deaths linked to the sole use of marijuana. Although there are numerous things that are legal that have caused a large number in deaths, we all know the most popular are alcohol and cigarettes. Unlike alcohol marijuana is non habit forming meaning it’s not addictive. Seriously, how many alcoholics do we know? From personal experience my brother is an alcoholic and I’ve watched him struggle with it for over a decade now. His health has continuously declined and his drive to do anything other than get drunk is obsolete. When he’s not drinking he is still the fun, loving person that I grew up to admire. The disease not only takes that away from him but is killing him in the process. The scariest thing is no matter what we try it all seems to fail. I genuinely think he wants to stop but his vice has such a hold over him that he doesn’t feel he can turn back. My brother is in his 40’s, now let’s think about the fact that this highly addictive liquid is available for the legal consumption of Americans at the young age of 21. Another experience I’m dealing with is my mother smoking cigarettes. She used to smoke before I was born and she’s started back recently. There haven’t been any noticeable effects but that doesn’t mean nothing bad is happening. I’ve had a great aunt who passed away from complications caused by cigarettes. The crazy thing is she knew she was dying and still didn’t stop smoking. I’m undecided as to whether I think she was just stubborn or if the contents of cigarettes are that addictive. Back to subject at hand, there have been no events such as those with alcohol and cigarettes that have been solely caused by marijuana. What has been proven is that marijuana can be used medicinally. It’s helped thousands of patients with painful diseases that they would describe as unbearable. To summarize, there are many legal things that can be consumed and used that are highly addictive and have health hazards. Marijuana is completely opposite of the previously stated items yet it is still classified as a federally illegal drug. Whether you agree with the push for the legalization of marijuana or not, hopefully this helps you to Think Harder On That. 
-Too Distinct the Poet


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